About Us

Our Track Record

Events were very different when we started out in 1989. They were generally seen as being on the periphery of the marketing mix, and the focus for most event companies was on providing technical support and audio visual equipment.

From the beginning, our vision for Multimedia Plus was much bigger than this — we weren’t just supplying the nuts and bolts. We saw the potential of the medium and understood that to exploit it fully, exceptional creative talent and technical knowhow needed to live side by side under one roof.

We established a highly successful formula that has enabled us to deliver outstanding event experiences for nearly 28 years. Back then we were ahead of the curve and today live events are recognised as a vital marketing tool, integral to any brand building communication campaign.

We have the experience that makes a difference. So, while technology has moved on at lightning speed to give us ever more exciting ways to present content and interact with audiences, our mission remains unchanged: to deliver new and fresh ways of using live events to help our clients influence, connect and remain on track with their stakeholders.

Our Team

Our friendly and approachable team will support you through every stage of your project.

Whilst technology drives our events, it’s people who make them happen and give you winning results, so our in-house team is the best of the best.

Technical production is headed by ‘techno-geek’ Guy Ferguson. With in-depth knowledge of leading-edge presentation technology, he specialises in widescreen production and is one of the most experienced and respected technical producers in this field.

Creative direction is headed by Tess Ferguson. With a background in the arts, she provides creative insights, and devises and develops event concepts that work.

Multimedia Plus also has an extensive network of specialists who complement our in-house team. It’s a highly flexible solution that gives us the capability to deliver any event, regardless of its scale or the blend of skills it may call for.

We’d love to produce your event, so please call us on 01491 628110, send us a brief or drop us an email.

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