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Ultra Widescreen and Multiscreen

Looking for high impact? Dataton WATCHOUT presentations are fully scalable to virtually any size or shape. As you add more displays, you also add more CPUs to drive those displays. Displays can be placed horizontally or vertically in any shape or form. The WATCHOUT computer cluster does all the hard work, splitting images, cropping and distributing the stunning visual content. We can just drag the image or video file straight to the desired position in the stage window, and watch the magic happen! It’s awesome to see.

Using modern, digital video projectors, you can build ultra widescreen panoramas on a grand scale. WATCHOUT blends the edges to form a large, seamless image surface. Best of all, your source material looks as crisp as it should by using its native resolution across the combined image. We can layer Stills and Video, Powerpoint, Live video, apply Transparency, scale and motion as you like. All very impressive.

Dataon WATCHOUT can also handle the control of sound for your show – we simply drag the audio clip to the playback computer of your choice. You can mix and cross fade multiple sound tracks from within Dataton WATCHOUT to give you a stunning sense of being enveloped into the widescreen experience.


WATCHOUT sports a familiar work environment, based on layers, a timeline and drag-and-drop of media files – similar to other video editing and compositing applications, such as Adobe AfterEffects.

WATCHOUT handles most still-image, video and sound file formats, including PhotoShop, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PICT, Targa, TIFF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV, QuickTime, AVI, AIFF and WAV. It supports transparency (alpha channel) in both still images and video.

We can take and reformat RSS feeds Display web images. In addition to loading images from a file on disk, or from the Dynamic Image Server, we can also load images from a URL

Multimedia Plus have “ready-racked” multi-display Dataton Watchout systems for your requirements.

  • Conferences


  • Award Ceremonies


  • Exhibition


  • Interactive


  • Digital Signage


Widescreen and multiscreen case studies

To discuss how we can use Ultra Widescreen production to enhance your next event, call us on 01491 628110 or send us an enquiry.

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