Project: Large Scale Mobile Experience
Location: Festivals Across Europe
Agency: SMP

Sandisk has been running a new brand awareness campaign called: “Wake Up Your Phone”. It’s basically a way to let people know that an SD slot exists is their phone. As part of the ongoing live marketing campaign for Sandisk three sea-containers were engineered into mobile exhibition units and toured around Europe. The first container housed a photo booth where members of the public used a built in camera system to take photographs. The imagery was then manipulated using built in touch-screen technology and reproduced onto customised stickers. The second container housed a widescreen editing system. We used the third container to store collateral that went to form a chill out area. We undertook all aspects of build on this project, working closely with the Agency SMP and designers Judge Gill, we managed the initial sourcing and engineering of the steel, fitting out through to the lighting and software development plus supply and installation of the AV equipment.

Construction and Usability Mobile Urban Gallery

By their very nature the containers are easily transported on two trailers. Setup time on site is kept to an absolute minimum. The units are robust and weatherproof. The initial concept called for a “village” within the arena that would be attractive to the festival crowd. The containers can be multi- functional, each comes with it’s own lighting and sound system. The interiors were built to withstand anything a festival crowd could throw at them and they have certainly proved themselves.

The Technology Perspex Photobooth

Two containers were packed with technology, the blue one, a photo booth. Festival public take over-head pictures of their group in the acrylic photo booth – pictures below. The pictures are then edited on touch screen 24” iMacs running flash under Windows, These were used for data editing. email and phone number gathered (both containers were data harvest points), were passed to a second PC managing the database. A third PC took care of managing print queues for the two colour laser printers. The pictures were printed on printers as a number of prints in ‘long slot form’ onto plastic waterproof paper for people to stick all over themselves and the park!

 Touchscreen Video

Touchscreen Video Editing was within the green container, this housed a mini widescreen slot where the festival public take videos off their phone memory cards. We developed a touch screen editing application so that when the user inserted an SD card, the system downloaded 20 seconds of each video on their card. They could then use this video together with festival bands footage to edit by dragging icons to a time line, selecting filters and effects and finally sending to a widescreen slot driven by Dataton Watchout. Videos could also be downloaded later from the “wake up your phone” website. This container while in Amsterdam proved very popular with video crews filming vox-pops from various bands onsite.

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