Conference Paint

Conference Paint

What is Conference Paint?

We endeavour to stay ahead of the latest technological developments here at Multimedia Plus, so when some new, ultra-short-throw projectors came into our possession, we started to experiment with how they could be used to invigorate the look and feel of a fairly standard stock set.

Using Watchout widescreen software combined with these amazing short throw projectors, the set suddenly came alive, looking visually dynamic and very exciting. It allowed us great flexibility as we could projection map moving imagery (video) or stills to create either a panoramic look or just have individual elements showing on each panel e.g. sponsors’ logos.

This technology concept has proved the perfect solution for a technical user conference as well as a charity awards event at City Hall in London.

We now refer to this concept as Conference Paint, as we can use the set panels as a perfect canvas to enhance and complement the main screen core message.

Conference Paint can be delivered to any scale, so whatever the venue size or style, we can design it to fit.

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