Innovative, dynamic stage set

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Innovative, dynamic stage set: Conference ‘Paint’

Project: Alcatel Lucent, Epicor, Epilepsy Society…
Location: numerous
Audience: 20-2,000
Spec: multiple ultra-short-throw projectors onto ‘pitched’ panels

Very often, we’re asked for “something different”, so we have designed an innovative, dynamic stage set with multiple panels and ultra-short-throw projectors.

We erect individual panels that are separate from each other and pitched backwards, which creates and unusual interplay between the stage set and the blank space behind. Ultra-short-throw projectors ‘paint’ dynamic content onto each panel (e.g. videos, animations, moving layers…) and the area behind is bathed in coloured light or plunged into darkness at different times in the show.

Guy Ferguson, Technical Director, comments: “We can take quite a boring room and transform it with this type of stage set and projection system. The possibilities are endless; we can use fewer or more panels, space them differently, stagger them in depth, choose larger panels that look like vast columns… we’ve even created content to project that makes them look like static panels, only to have them come alive with video and animated imagery as the audience sits.”

Clients love its innovative simplicity.

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