High-Profile London Store

Project: 8-week designer retail installation
Location: Major Retailer in Central London
Audience: 1000s!
Spec: 4×6 metre video wall, using 96 LED panels

Multimedia Plus was asked to help create an immersive experience for a designer’s showcase within a high-profile London store.


  • Build a 6 x 4 metre, free-standing ‘video’ wall
  • Display coded content (as opposed to video)
  • Deliver a high-definition solution (3.9mm per pixel), so that even people standing right in front of the wall would see a crisp picture
  • Complete the installation overnight (so as not to interfere with store opening hours)
  • Programme it to automatically shut down overnight and restart the next morning (at different times on different days of the week)

With this challenging brief, we worked through the night to create the display. We used 96 half-metre LED panels, each with a density of 32,768 pixels/sqm. Everything was controlled by media players, running a pre-programmed calendar, which negated the need for a technician to visit at the start and end of each day throughout the 6-week installation.

We also installed four LCD screens, which showed previous fashion show content on continuous loops.

We transmitted sound from the video content to ten wireless headsets for customers to wear to immerse themselves in the experience. To ensure continuous availability of these headsets, we had another 10 being charged at all times.

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