Club Havana

Short video shooing animation

Pernod Ricard

Project: Multi-screen Content for Havana Club Brand Event
Location: Les Embiez
Agency: Blonstein Associates
We were asked to sort an interesting challenge at an event for Pernod Ricard on “Les Embiez”, an island off the south coast of France, where the screen was made up of 13 projection screens, seamlessly blended and wrapped around the audience using Dataton Watchout.

We were asked by Brian Jones of Blonstein Associates if we could combine a number of hi-res day time images of Havana and make them look like they were taken at night – with street lights, lighting in buildings etc. The effect had to animate between night and day seven times on cue.

We took the hi res stills and combined them into an 18,000 wide pixel image, removed the sky, so we could add our own with moving clouds, sun and moon. We made artificial building shadows as the sun moved. We combined the Club Havana graphics all as a back drop to a massive Havana Club party where Blonstein Associates had choreographed musicians, actors and singers to entertain the audience. The day / night sequences were all managed and controlled by Dataton Watchout.

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