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Guy’s new blog

Yes, yes – timely updates and whatnot. Someone said to me recently “Why don’t you do a blog telling us non techie people about interesting stuff?” I keep being asked about Macs PCs, video technology and what can be done, how to do it and just technically quizzed. I was thinking about this last year, but have just not got round to it – last year was another one of those years where we get to go dark for a while and work on deliciously interesting secret projects we can’t tell you a word about until they’re finished.

While we’re not quite back to a normal schedule, we have been busy the last few weeks getting ramped back up, with new equipment, staging, software and ideas for the shows we have over the next six months – some of which will be heading your way soon… hopefully on your next event.

The biggest questions I’ve received the last few months are: what are some new ideas? what new technologies are out there? how can we do more for less and look better than the competition?… Well that’s what this blog will be about: bringing new and interesting ideas to do with the corporate communication world and anything else technically that takes my fancy!

More to come soon, please come back soon…