Success in Prague

We’ve just got back from another very successful event in Prague for Alcatel Lucent. We were working at the Large Prague Hilton where the staff, food and hotel facilities are really good. Lucky really, as this was the second time in as many months we were there for Alcatel.

For this latest event, we took all of our own stage sets, equipment, exhibition pods, banners and technical crew in a 45ft truck to support SReXperts which brings together industry experts in #IP technology development and #IP services deployment to exchange ideas and experiences.

This year with a proscenium arch stage, we decided to use a number of sharks’ tooth gauze drapes and a large ‘tablet’ screen ‘floating’ in front for video and speaker support.

The event took place over 3 days but we arrived onsite 2 days before to set up 1 plenary (above), a demo room with 45 LED screens, laptop and power distribution to run all the IT equipment — surprisingly, over 45amps on 3 phases. We then set up 2 training classrooms, exam rooms and a further 4 breakout / presentation rooms, plus numerous digital signage and Twitter wall screens throughout the venue. All digital signage screens were managed and updated from one point.


This year we had the added excitement of potential floods.  Luckily (unlike 2002) the conference facilities did flood to waist level this year.  In fact the local authorities seemed to have everything well under control and said if we were in any danger of flooding, we would get at least 24 hours notice to move the several million € of our and Alcatel Lucent’s equipment.


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