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London Party

We were asked by Four Marketing to provide a focus backdrop for Arena+ magazine’s 20th anniversary party. We used two high-power projectors, blended to make one screen for the party at Stone Island’s flagship store in London. The content was produced with one of our Dataton Watchout systems, using 3 varying length time lines with […]

Presenting on Stage and Screen

I have been asked on numerous occasions for advice when presenting business presentation on stage and to camera, so I have put together some general tips — some of my own and others from various sources, but all important points to take on board if you want to get your message across clearly and professionally. PowerPoint […]

Success in Prague

We’ve just got back from another very successful event in Prague for Alcatel Lucent. We were working at the Large Prague Hilton where the staff, food and hotel facilities are really good. Lucky really, as this was the second time in as many months we were there for Alcatel. For this latest event, we took […]

A full 360 degrees

I have been using an App on my iphone (also on Android) called 360PANORAMA which has made doing a site recce so much easier. I can easily take full 360° pictures of the venue and upload while on site to a web page that anyone can view without plugins. It is invaluable when back in […]

First impressions

I have just come across an amazing company called Moo that produces beautiful business cards with coloured edges what they call Luxe Business cards and on 600gsm card! That’s nearly a piece of wood! They look very impressive. They also offer the service whereby you can upload as many images as you like, letting you have a […]

70M (230ft) projection of Havana

I was recently asked to sort an interesting challenge at an event for Pernod Ricard on an island off the south coast of France, where the screen was made up of 13 projection screens, seamlessly blended and wrapped around the audience. I was asked by Brian Jones of Blonstein Associates if I could combine a […]

Sharing files in a taxi!

I was in a taxi out in Qatar recently working with two colleagues on an event to launch the new Cuban Hospital in Qatar. One of the chaps had just finished a short video edit but was off to another meeting with the client. The other needed the finished proof of the edit on his […]

In-store interaction with will.i.am

We have just been working with Selfridges and iam+ (a new company set up by Will.i.am) that has just launched a number of iPhone cameras. The idea was to have an alleyway of 8 portrait 65″ plasma screens, which had video loops of 8 celebrities standing beckoning the customers. Each screen had a PIR sensor […]

Live mosaic of Will.i.am

Working with Selfridges and iam+ (a new technology company set up by Will.i.am that has just launched a number of iPhone camera attachments), we used two IP cameras to take pictures of the in-store customers. We fed these pictures into a couple of Apple computers that were using face recognition technology to cut out head […]

Aston Martin Vanquish launch

I was recently asked if I could help stage a local dealership car launch; not just any car, but the new Aston Martin Vanquish launch! Their requirements were simple, but like all car-related conferences and launches the standards are high. We were asked to stage the launch at a very smart local restaurant that had had all its […]

Guy’s new blog

Yes, yes – timely updates and whatnot. Someone said to me recently “Why don’t you do a blog telling us non techie people about interesting stuff?” I keep being asked about Macs PCs, video technology and what can be done, how to do it and just technically quizzed. I was thinking about this last year, […]