Athens conference — projected stage set design

Innovative conference stage set design

Projected backdrop in Athens.

Using 10 ultrashort throw projectors and Dataton Watchout, we were able to project still and moving images across the angled flats, using a mixture of stills and video we continually changed the backdrop for each presenter and colours of other set panels. We also internally lit with LED the hi-tec perforated screen legs to produce really dynamic stage set.

For more information please see the case study

Video of the backgrounds changing here

London – 170ft (52M) brick wall projection screen

We were asked to provide a 180 degree floor to ceiling projected images seamlessly blended  at a media event for a new range of clothing for London Mens Fashion last week at the interestingly named Vinyl Factory in London. The challenge was to keep the installation simple by not fixing into the buildings infrastructure by hanging projectors, We used 12 Ultra short throw projectors with incredibly short throw lenses. At distance of 1M from the projection surface,  these projectors give a 2M wide picture!

Using Dataton Watchout we were able to blend the individual projected images  to create one 52m x 2.5m image area wrapping around the gallery. This allowed us to run smooth moving still images, live cameras and video around the room creating a dynamic backdrop for the new range.  More info