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Clean room transformed for presentation

When we were asked to turn a satellite clean room* into a temporary conference theatre for a prestigious presentation, we were intrigued. During our two site visits, we had to wear pyjama-like clothing to prevent contamination! On the day of the presentation, we used the client’s 12 tonne moving crane to ‘fly in’ our lighting rig, projectors and screen. Rather than disguising the […]

How to shoot video on a smartphone

Occasionally clients have asked us about how to shoot video on a smartphone: “Could we shoot the video ourselves and hand the footage over to you for editing?” Whilst they may not have sufficient budget for a professional video shoot, the contrast in quality of the finished video is incomparable. But does it have to be? With mobile […]

Flipboard: it’s not all bad news

Guy Ferguson, Technical Director of Multimedia Plus: Are you fed up with the media only delivering bad news? I am! There must be some good stuff going on, too… right? Well there is! For a few years now I’ve been using Flipboard on my mobile Phone and iPad.  The software collects content from websites, presents it in […]

Athens conference — projected stage set design

Innovative conference stage set design Projected backdrop in Athens. Using 10 ultrashort throw projectors and Dataton Watchout, we were able to project still and moving images across the angled flats, using a mixture of stills and video we continually changed the backdrop for each presenter and colours of other set panels. We also internally lit with […]